Genie Granting Wishes and HMOs Will Get Double

A doctor was walking on the beach and noticed an empty bottle. He kicked the bottle.

A genie suddenly came out of the bottle and said “Gee thanks!! I’ve been locked in the bottle for five hundred years!! Just for that I’ll grant you three wishes. I have to warn you, however, that each of the HMOs with which you have contracted will get double.”

So the doctor thought about it. He then stated “For my first wish I’d like a million dollars.”

The genie said, “Okay. But remember, HMOs will get two million dollars”

And the doctor said “that’s okay with me.”

The doctor then said for his second wish, “I’d like a house overlooking the cliffs down to the ocean.”

The genie said, “Okay. But remember, HMO executives will be next door in a house twice as large and they like to party 24 hours a day.”

The doctor said, “I think I can live with that.”

So the genie said, “For your third wish you’d better think long and hard.”

So the doctor, after thinking it over, said, “Could you beat me half to death?”

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