Blind Firemen Playing Golf

An ophthalmologist, a priest and an HMO CEO were waiting to tee off at their local country club. Two guys in front of them were stumbling around, hitting balls in all directions, swinging and missing and in general holding up the whole show.

The club pro happened to walk by and the three called him over to complain about the two in front of them.

The pro said, “Oh, lighten up a little. Those are two firemen that lost their sight while fighting the fire we had in the clubhouse last winter. We let them play whenever they want for free.”

The priest contritely said, “I feel so bad for thinking ill of those two. I’m going to offer special prayers for them.”

The eye doctor said, “I feel the same way, I’m going to get with some of my colleagues and see if there isn’t something we can do for those guys.”

The HMO CEO replied, “I just wonder why these guys can’t play at night?”

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